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Home Conversion Pack

$299 for new members only. (Save $386) Convert your home at the best price. Click for details.

Value Pack

$199 for new members only. (Save $252) Convert your home at incredible savings. Click for details.

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Customer Favorites Pack

$99 for new members only. (Save $98) Fill your home with a premium selection of Melaleuca’s most beloved wellness products. Click for details.

Home Cleaning Pack

$99 for new members only. (Save $117) Goodbye, caustic chemicals. Enjoy peace of mind instead as you fill your home with the full line of safer, eco-friendly, effective dish, laundry, and household cleaners from EcoSense. Click for details.

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Core Nutrition & Fitness

$99 for new members only. (Save $90) Discover everything you need to get started toward your fitness goals with the world-class fitness nutrition products inside the Core Fitness Bundle. Click for details.

Sei Bella Beauty Essentials Pack

The Sei Bella Beauty Essentials Pack is the perfect way to upgrade your beauty routine and get gorgeous glowing skin, all at a significant savings. You save over 49% over Preferred Customer price! Click for details.

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Pure™ Essentials Oils Pack

Melaleuca offers a full range of Pure Essential Oils, at a level of quality and purity that is second to none. This bundle is the perfect introduction to Pure Essential Oils at a great value and features our most popular, easy to use Pure Essential Oils along with a Bliss Diffuser and Pure™ Do-It-Yourself Blends Diffuser Booklet. Click for details.

Metabolism & Weight Loss

$99 for new members only. (Save $43) Discover everything you need toConvenient, 30-day, money-saving pack with the plan and products you need to help you reach your ideal weight Click for details.


Custom Skin Care Bundles

$65-113 (Save $44-76) Whether you want to target sensitive skin, wrinkles, age spots, oily, dry and more we have a bundle that meets your needs. Click for details.

Gut Health Bundle

$59 (Save $26) Because many health factors originate in the gut, we created the Gut Health Bundle to combine the power of Fiberwise, Good Zymes, and Florify Daily Probiotic to support every aspect of Gut Health. Click for details.


Economy Pack

$54 (Save $44-76) An affordable sampling of some of our most popular products.


T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil, Sol-U-Mel 3-in-1 Stain & Odor eliminator with mixing bottle, Lemon Brite Hand Dishwashing Liquid, Tub & Tile 12x Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner with Mixing Bottle, Travel Size Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion, Travel Size Extra-Strength Pain-a-Trate Pain-relieving cream, Sun Shades Lip Balm, Exceed Sugarless Gum.

More Wellness Box Ideas Coming Soon!

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